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System Shield® 4 AntiVirus and AntiSpyware review 50% off retail coupon

2012,October 16

System Shield® 4 AntiVirus and AntiSpyware review 50% off retail coupon

System Shield® 4 AntiVirus and AntiSpyware

Promotioning System Shield® 4 AntiVirus and AntiSpyware, we’re offering  a 50% off retail coupon!
Spotlight on System Shield® 4 AntiVirus and AntiSpyware
There are many security products out there to choose from, but what makes iolo’s System Shield® stand out from the crowd is how iolo leverages its 14 years of PC performance focus to this type of product.

Unlike other security programs that can be heavy-handed and slow your PC down with excessive processing, System Shield is ultra-effective, yet quiet, efficient and lean. It provides everything you need to stay secure, and nothing you don’t.

Built on performance research

After thousands of interviews with customers, friends, family and co-workers who had all but sworn off security software due to performance annoyances, iolo’s goal was to create an effective program that wouldn’t have the lag and resource drain typically associated with security applications.

After three years of research and development, the end result is the new System Shield 4 AntiVirus and AntiSpyware, which bridges the gap between performance and protection. System Shield uses less memory and CPU resources than any other security software we tested, all while protecting you from more than 2.1 million different viruses and threats.

By providing full-fledged security without sacrificing PC efficiency, System Shield is making believers out of those who doubted security and speed could go hand-in-hand.

Blocks and removes all forms of malicious threats

System Shield protects your PCs from:
Viruses Backdoors
Spyware Tracking software
Worms Polymorphic attacks
Trojan horses Password theft
Rootkits Identity theft
Bots Crimeware
Keyloggers Ransomware
Adware Scumware
and more…
Total Protection Maximum Performance Superior Technology
Shop, bank and socialize without worry No bloat or slowdowns Exclusive Sentient™ technology
With real-time updates, viruses and spyware are instantly eradicated, and new attacks are stopped before infection occurs. High-performance threat detection stops viruses and spyware quietly without slowing or interrupting games, videos or other programs. Proprietary artificial intelligence heuristics detect and block virus mutations, shape-shifters, and other yet-unclassified threats.
In addition to being available as a standalone product, System Shield is part of the System Mechanic Professional® suite of products.
To learn more about System Shield, please check out the links below:

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